Timekettle's First Creators Gathering Celebrates Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Diversity

2024/6/12 23:45:01

BANGKOK, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 31, Timekettle, a fast-growing cross-language communication solutions innovator, gathered creators, partners, and fans for the first time in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. The event was a celebration of cultural exchange, innovation, and the power of human connection, with Thailand's resurgence as a top international travel destination providing the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion.

Timekettle Creators Gathering in Bangkok, Thailand
Timekettle Creators Gathering in Bangkok, Thailand

Under the unifying slogan, "Crossing Cultures, Embracing Diversity, Driving Innovation," the event showcased how cutting-edge language solutions could foster global collaboration and understanding, particularly in the dynamic world of international travel. Haruethai Sarigakham, the Product Manager at KOAN Company Limited, the first distributor of Timekettle in Thailand, said, "Timekettle has garnered an impressive response in the Thai market, appealing to a wide range of customers. This includes business travelers, tourists, students, and language learners, who have demonstrated a high demand for the products. Timekettle products have been used for various purposes and have become an invaluable accompany for them in Thailand."

Arsen, a travel vlogger and the creator behind the YouTube channel Live Love Thailand, has been sharing his adventures in Thailand. Despite not speaking Thai, Arsen has found a reliable companion in Timekettle's products, which he now carries everywhere. "It's helpful because sometimes you will be in places where people do not speak any English, so Timekettle products are lifesavers," Arsen said.

Roman Kondratiev, another content creator who has spent nearly a year in Thailand without speaking the local language, said his experience in Thailand would have been significantly better if he had known about Timekettle sooner. "Because it is so easy, you can just talk to anyone by using their earbuds," he shared.

Timekettle extends its heartfelt thanks to all attendees, partners, and supporters who made this event a monumental success. The company looks forward to continuing its mission to provide innovative cross-language communication solutions that empower individuals and organizations to connect, collaborate, and thrive in the increasingly globalized world.

About Timekettle

Established in 2016, Timekettle is dedicated to advancing cross-language communication through innovative products and solutions. Recognized with numerous international accolades, including the CES Innovation Award, iF Design Award, and Japan Good Design Award, Timekettle's products have proudly served the needs of cross-language communication in a variety of user scenarios, including abroad-living, traveling, multi-language meetings and classrooms, as well as in manufacturing and logistics, and beyond. Having solidified a user database of more than 400,000, Timekettle continues its journey as the Global No.1 AI Translator Device.

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Creators sharing their Timekettle stories
Creators sharing their Timekettle stories